At 4,000km²  Mt. Elgon has the largest volcanic base in the world. Located on the Uganda-Kenya border it is also the oldest and largest solitary, volcanic mountain in East Africa. Its vast form, 80km in diameter, rises more than 3,000m above the surrounding plains. The mountain’s cool heights offer respite from the hot plains below, with the higher altitudes providing a refuge for flora and fauna.

Mount Elgon National Park is home to over 300 species of birds, including the endangered Lammergeyer.  The higher slopes are protected by national parks in Uganda and Kenya, creating an extensive trans-boundary conservation area which has been declared a UNESCO Man & Biosphere Reserve.

A climb on Mt. Elgon’s deserted moorlands unveils a magnificent and uncluttered wilderness without the summit-oriented approach common to many mountains: the ultimate goal on reaching the top of Mt. Elgon is not the final ascent to the 4321m Wagagai Peak, but the descent into the vast 40km² caldera.

Day 1: Kampala – Mount Elgon National Park
Depart for Mount Elgon situated in the Eastern part of Uganda. The Mountain has the largest surface areas of any extinct volcano in the world. Mount Elgon is endowed with the most beautiful caves, cliffs, gorges and waterfalls in the country. Stopover in Mbale for lunch. Stay overnight at the Sipi Falls Rest Camp/ Sipi River Lodge.

Day 2:  Kapkwai Trail
Mount Elgon
After breakfast, do not forget to leave with packed food. Begin with the exploration center at Kapkwai in the Chebonet valley and take the Mountain Bamboo trail traversing a 7km loop across the River and the Southern rim of the gorge. Spend the night at the Rest Camp.

Day 3: Sasa Trail
After breakfast, enjoy a full day hike on the Sasa Trail to see the dramatic landscapes from the high altitude and moorland. Enjoy your packed lunch and spend the night at the Rest Camp.

Day 4: Nature Walk – Return Trip – Kampala
After breakfast, take a short forest walk and head back to Kampala marking the end of this tour.