Uganda is known for a lot of things when it comes to tourism and Agritourism has also been added to the many things that Uganda is known for. Farm tours also known as Agritourism or agro tourism in Uganda has taken the country by storm as many farmers are now planting different crops for tourism purposes. Uganda as a country is known as a food basket in East Africa and that is why many are now venturing into Agritourism so as to earn more from their farms.Agritourism is where one joins agriculture and tourism and in simple terms it is where crops are grown on a large scale for tourism purposes and later sold so that one can earn more income from the sales.  It is on the rise in the country and it should be understood by everyone if we want to keep up with the trending world when it comes to tourism.

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Bazanya Safaris encourages travelers to visit local people in their communities which is one way of contributing to the incomes of the locals. This is a win win for both travellers and the communities because it provides travelers with an opportunity to experience the community life and appreciate the daily lives of the people. You can request an activity in a community to be added on Uganda safari itinerary. Alternatively, you can spend days in the community or just hours participating in a chore or visit a local school. Our desire is that locals get to earn directly from the ‘tourism dollar’ and bring about development in their communities. This we realize also contributes heavily to conservation as they are protective of the wildlife they benefit from.

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